Welcome to Mandy Harley Associates


I qualified as a Social Worker in 2001 and hold the Diploma in Social Work. Since qualifying I have worked exclusively within children’s services. I have over 23 years of experience of working with children and their families as an advanced practitioner and team manager. I have worked in a variety of settings, which include child protection, looked after children, child sexual exploitation, family and adolescent support and the independent reviewing service.

I have prepared numerous reports within pre proceedings and family court proceedings and directly to panels over a 23 year period.

My main area of expertise is the assessment of families and children where there has been suspected or actual abuse (neglect, physical harm, sexual abuse and emotional abuse) and who are involved in the child protection system. Analysis of risk and need in assessment of carers’ ability to parent their children taking into consideration any special needs and utilising appropriate assessment programmes designed to meet special needs, for example, drawing on Motivation/capacity to change, Neglect and Home Conditions, Substance Misuse – parental, Substance Misuse – child / young person, Domestic Abuse, Young Carer, Attachment and family relationships, Mental health of parent /carer, Resilience and emotional well being - child / young person.

Other tools focus on prediction. These include:

Reunification post child sexual abuse, Rehabilitation of child post abuse, Characteristics of child and family prone to abuse, Level of abuse as an indicator of need to protect.

I have also undertaken numerous assessments in relation to domestic abuse and parental ability to change and protect.

I have also been fortunate to have worked with children and their families in Africa, china and India.

Experience of working with Strengthening Families Model and Signs of Safety Model and Systemic Practice.

I have also delivered training to various agencies. Areas which include PREVENT (Radicalisation), FGM, Domestic Abuse.

I have been responsible for the development of ASYE’s ensuring best practice and their use of research within their practice. This includes quality reflective supervision to ensure that the lives of vulnerable children are transformed. 

I have extensive experience of child protection which is reflected in my own practice and teaching.